When is going to a wound care center recommended?

Do you have a wound that you feel is not healing as well as it should be doing? Have you been to a doctor, but have not been given the help you feel you need?

If so, going to a wound care center is the recommended next step for you. Especially if you are suffering from any of these problems.

Are you diabetic? — One of the most dangerous things about being diabetic is wounds that do not heal. Dangerous because, if they are not taken care of properly, a diabetic can get an infection that can eventually lead to having to have a toes or fingers amputated.

If you have diabetes and have any problems with a wound that will not heal, go to a wound care center sooner rather than later and get it taken care of.

An infection — You can usually tell if a wound is infected as, not only will it not heal, but it will usually be extremely painful to the touch. If you also have a discharge coming from the wound, that is another sign that an infection is present. Any wound with an infection can turn gangrenous over time, and could result in you having to have flesh removed or even to have amputations of fingers, toes or limbs.

If you suspect you have an infection in a wound, a wound care center should be somewhere you should go before the day ends. That way the wound can be looked at and then the infection treated, and you can also receive a prescription for antibiotics.

Problems with your arteries — If you have arterial problems, this can have a negative effect on your circulation to the point that wounds will not heal. Go to a wound care NJ center if any wound has not begun to heal in two or three days and have a doctor take a look at it.

Are you bed-ridden? — People that are bed-ridden or have immobility problems will also often notice that wounds take much longer to heal than they used to do in the past.

If this is you, and you cannot get to a wound care center yourself with a wound that is not healing, call an ambulance and make sure they take you to either a wound care center or a hospital to have it taken care of.

Do you have a suppressed immune system? — If you are HIV positive, have AIDS or have an illness like cancer or leukemia, you will also have a suppressed immune system.

If your immune system is not functioning correctly, wounds will not heal in a timely manner causing all kinds of problems for your health.

Anyone with a suppressed immune system, for any reason at all, should always go for treatment to a wound care center for any injury that has not begun to heal within 48 hours.

That way you can have the wound looked at, and also be prescribed medication that can help boost your immune system so that the injury begins to heal.